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Questions for Participants and/or Patients      View Questions for Referrers

Do I need to come early?
Attending the appointment at the set time is expected. There is paperwork to complete, but that is part of the assessment that you and the evaluator will review together.

How do I get a copy of my report?
In cases involving employment, workers compensation, or legal counsel, we are not able to release the report to any other individual except those who requested the evaluation. To get a copy, you will have to contact your human resources department, workers compensation representative, or your attorney. If you participate in a Residual Functional Capacity Evaluation and payment is made at time of service you will get a copy of the report with a week of your assessment.

How long is the assessment?
A typical assessment is about 3 hours each day. If it is a one-day assessment it may be a little longer, 3 ½ – 4 hours. If the assessment is a Fit-for-Duty Evaluation, used for new applicants or return to work situations, it will be near an hour in duration. If your assessment is a Residual Functional Capacity Evaluation, used to assist in disability determination, it will be near 2 hours in duration.

Can I bring my family and kids with me?
The clinic space is limited and not suited for many people at one time. Young children do not have space to play here in the clinic, and with you participating in the clinic you will not be able to look after young children. We request that young children stay home; otherwise, an adult can accompany you during this assessment.

I’m afraid that it’s going to hurt
These assessments are designed to assess the capacity of the individual who is participating in the evaluation. They are not designed to force you to complete tasks or to assess tasks beyond your abilities. We ask that you give your best effort, which may result in soreness. Safety is an integral part of each task; your heart rate, blood pressure, mechanics, perceived exertion will be measured the testing to ensure your safety as you participate.

What should I wear to the assessment?
Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in and footwear like tennis shoes that are easy to walk and balance and climb in. If you are planning on returning to work and would like to assess your ability to complete your work tasks in your work clothes, bring them with you and we can complete the tasks in you steel toed boots or other work gear.

Questions for Referrers

How do I schedule an injured worker for an evaluation?
Call our Salt Lake Clinic 801-263-2063 to make an appointment; we schedule for our main clinic in Salt Lake and for the clinics that are out of the Salt Lake Valley.

What information is needed to complete the assessment?
We will ask for the name of the person to whom the report should be addressed with an address and phone number. We need to know who will pay for the evaluation, address, and phone/fax number, or email address. We will always need to have the case number as it will be on the front page of the evaluation report and on the billing invoice/HCFA.  A job description is useful if the participant is planning on returning to a specific position with a specific employer. Sometimes we are asked to review previous medical records prior to this assessment and we will review whatever is sent to the clinic. Generally it is not necessary for medical records to be sent to the clinic as a medical history will be taken with the participant as part of the assessment. The testing is based on their current functional status irrespective of their previous medical history.

When will the report be completed?
A report will typically be completed within a week of the evaluation. The report can be mailed, faxed, or emailed. If a rush is needed, please specify the date the report is needed when the appointment is made

How do I interpret the conclusions listed in the report?
The Functional Capacity Evaluation report will include the intake interview; perceived ability; physical examination; abilities, tasks and tolerances completed during this assessment; reliability, validity, and credibility; and conclusion that summarizes all the activities and behaviors and includes the Physical Demand Characteristic of Work Level.